Part of being a good steward of our environment is being safe.  The Bolton Pratt Company has an aggressive safety program resulting in no injuries or incidents in fifteen years.  Before we begin a project, we assess all current and potential safety issues and take corrective action.  Unsafe behavior is not tolerated on a Bolton Pratt jobsite.

All Bolton Pratt field employees are certified in the OSHA 10-hour and/or 30-hour Safety Training Course and participate in weekly jobsite safety meetings throughout the project.  We want to stay abreast of any safety concerns before they become a problem, which is why this weekly communication is so important.  We are also members of the Construction Safety Council of Northeast Ohio through the Construction Employers Association.

The Bolton Pratt Company participates in the Construction Industry Substance Abuse Program, which requires annual as well as random substance abuse testing by all employees, to further ensure that our jobsites are as safe as possible.


The other parts of being a good steward of our environment are taking less, utilizing fully, and reclaiming and recycling more.  To that end, Bolton Pratt is committed to being environmentally conscious in all that we do – from design through demolition and creation through construction.

We have completed various LEED project types and worked toward all levels of certification.


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