Construction Management Services

A construction manager is typically brought into the project from its inception to assist in the design phase and to oversee construction through to completion.  The CM acts as an agent of the owner and coordinates the project timeline and budget.

Agency CM aka CM Advisor
In this instance, the CM role is to be an independent professional adviser to the owner on all parts of the project, managing the project on behalf of the owner from conception to completion.  Payment for this CM role is usually on a fee basis.

CM At-Risk or CM Constructor
This expands the role of the CM to not only providing professional advice to the owner, but to also act as the general contractor.  In this role, the CM has assumed the responsibilities, or risk, of delivering the project at a guaranteed maximum price.  So now the CM is acting as the Contractor as well as the CM.

In either Construction Manager role, Bolton Pratt will:

  • Work closely with the architectural and engineering team to achieve the best design within the proposed budget
  • Project construction costs based upon preliminary drawings and update costs throughout the design phase
  • Provide a continually updated construction schedule throughout the project
  • Analyze alternate building systems as they relate to timing, coordination and cost
  • Manage competitive bid process
  • Execute contracts / purchase orders with trade contractors and material suppliers
  • Provide open book transparency

General Contracting Services

A general contractor is usually brought on after a full set of finished architectural and engineering drawings have been created.  The GC then bids out the various aspects of the job and presents the client with one final number to complete the project.  Bolton Pratt has an established relationship with many of its clients, resulting in time-saving negotiated contracts with advantageous pricing.  Bolton Pratt contracts in Public and Private Lump Sum Bidding, Negotiated Lump Sum Contracting, Time and Material Cost Plus Contracting, and Self-Performing carpentry work.  Whichever General Contracting route you prefer, Bolton Pratt will:

  • Maintain a full-time project superintendent on each jobsite
  • Host weekly jobsite meetings with the client, architect/engineer and subcontractors
  • Coordinate all on-site inspections and testing
  • Obtain required building permits
  • Coordinate the construction schedule
  • Coordinate and process all required shop drawing submittals
  • Maintain Daily Progress Reports indicating all jobsite activities
  • Review and monitor all jobsite safety in accordance with OSHA standards
  • Maintain accurate as-built drawings throughout the construction process
  • Receive and forward all Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Warranties
  • Arrange for all final inspections and file / track the Certificate of Occupancy
  • Distribute and follow-up on the completion of all punch list items

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